Using The Clinical Trial Finder

What is it?

The Clinical Trial Finder is the best clinical trial search tool available to cancer patients. Our simple search options allow anyone to find clinical trials. Cure-Hub’s straight-forward instructions help you go from interested, to enrolled.

How do I use it?

The Search

Go to the Clinical Trial Finder (<- follow link or find in the menu) and select your search criteria.

Clinical Trial Finder Search
Clinical Trial Finder Search

The Results

The Clinical Trial Finder is designed to show you trials that are:

  1. Actively enrolling
  2. Treatments
  3. Match your search criteria

The Match score is an indication of how well a given trial matches your search criteria. TapĀ  or click on boxes to open and close them.

Clinical Trial Finder Results
Clinical Trial Finder Results

Remember Trials

If you are logged in, you can flag clinical trials to remember or forget them. You can also add your opinions to the comment thread for each trial. Everyone can read comments.

Remember and Discuss Trials
Remember and Discuss Trials

Join Trials

Once you find a trial that sounds promising, fill out the Medical Record Checklist and review the eligibility requirements to the best of your ability. If you think that you might be eligible (or are not sure), you can consult your doctor and/or contact the trial directly about enrolling. See’s step-by-step guide for Contacting a Clinical Trial.