The Cure-Hub Team

Michael McNamara

michael mcnamara My name is Michael McNamara and I am a data scientist with a background in biomedical science.  I am interested in developing technological solutions that allow us to integrate healthcare, financial, biomedical and user-generated data sets to create adaptive, scalable networks. We can leverage these networks to personalize cancer treatments and improve patient outcomes.

Ian Felipe Hilgart-Martiszus

an Felipe Hilgart-MartiszusMy name is Ian Hilgart-Martiszus and I have 10 years of cancer research experience.  My experience with data-rich, frontline molecular biology techniques, as well as immunotherapy cancer drugs, lead me to believe that the tools to effectively fight cancer may currently be available.

In order to help people fight cancer, I am interested in developing user friendly networks that allow people to harness their own medical information and take control of healthcare outcomes and costs.

Briana Knight

My name is Briana Knight I use my research and medical knowledge to help people find their best clinical trial options.