Talking About Trials With Your Doctor


When researching your clinical trial options it is wise to work with your doctor, and as your medical adviser they should help with this process. Communication is key so let your doctor know that you wish to explore clinical trials. Below is’s step-by-step guide to starting this conversation.

Step 1: Be Prepared To Advocate For Yourself

Sometimes the conventional treatments don’t work.  In the search for new options, you must be your own advocate. Be persistent and stay strong.

Step 2: Engage Your Doctor

Ask your doctor if you would be a good candidate for a clinical trial. Say that you are interested in exploring trial options and ask them to review trials you find on Next, ask the office staff to help you obtain copies of the medical records that you will need to enroll in a clinical trial.

Step 3: Enlist The Help Of Your Doctor’s Office

The Office Manager at your doctor’s office can ensure this process goes smoothly,  introduce yourself and tell them you are exploring clinical trials. Ask if they can help you obtain the necessary medical records and if they can complete your Medical Record Checklist. When you identify a promising clinical trial, connect that clinical trial’s Enrollment Coordinator with the manager at your doctor’s office.