Frequently Asked Questions

What Is is for cancer patients who are interested in enrolling in a clinical trial. The target audience for are patients (and their doctors + support network) who have exhausted their conventional treatment options. The Clinical Trial Finder from is a simple way to search a comprehensive database of actively enrolling cancer trials that are intended to treat (not just study) your cancer. The ability to save interesting trials and our step-by-step guide to joining a trial help cancer patients go from interested, to enrolled.

What Is The Point Of

For cancer patients who have exhausted all of their conventional options, there may be a clinical trial that can give you one last shot at beating the disease. will help you find and enroll in that trial. There are a many promising treatments in clinical trials right now, and some patients who were “out of options” are getting their cancer into remission. There are no guarantees with a clinical trial, but at least it’s a shot. And we think all patients with “incurable” cancers should have an opportunity at that shot.

Does It Cost Money Use

No. is a free, simple and comprehensive resource for cancer patients. does not advocate for or sponsor any particular treatment, clinical trial, pharmaceutical company or health system.

How Does Work?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) maintains a registry of most legitimate clinical trials in the US, and around the world. We filter that database down to cancer trials that meet two conditions – trials that are actively enrolling and trials that have therapeutic intent. Then we use keyword matching to estimate the probability of eligibility based on your search criteria. Users who are logged in can flag trials to remember, share their saved trials with others and join the discussion on each trial.

How Did Start?

The founders of have worked in both basic cancer research and cancer clinical trials for the past decade. They’ve seen the successes that many cancer trials have produced, particularly with the new generation of cancer immunotherapies. They have also seen how slowly new treatments move through the development process. Many first-line drugs of tomorrow will not be commercially available in time to save patients who need them now. But they may be available in a clinical trial. We built to give patients (and their doctors) the power to access those options now.

There Are Other Clinical Trial Search Engines, Why Is Better? is the best way to find and enroll in a cancer clinical trial for four reasons:


You don’t have to pay (or even sign up) to use

Easy To Use simplifies search options and limits the results to active trials that are intended to treat your cancer (not just study it). As a result, is much easier to navigate and understand. is for everyone, not just cancer experts.


On one hand, many advocacy groups for specific types of cancer maintain their own clinical trial listings. These tend to be fairly easy-to-use, but are often incomplete. On the other hand, maintains a massive database fo clinical trials, but it can be daunting for non-experts to navigate. maintains the best of both worlds – everything you need, nothing you don’t, all in one place and easy-to-use.


Finding the right trial is a process and it takes time to do it right. It requires effort, research and a team effort from you, your doctors and the trial. Our platform lets you flag trials to remember for later, comment and read others experience with the trial, and share your saved trials with loved ones and/or your doctor. We also provide step-by-step guides and personal help to guide you through the entire process.

What Does The Future Hold For

First, we want to get the word out to patients who need new options. We want to help them get enrolled. We want to get their feedback on how we can improve what we’re doing. We are also working on improving the search functionality itself to make it even more personalized.

How Does Fit In The Big Picture?

The top priority of is to help cancer patients who would otherwise be out of options. Furthermore, increasing participation in cancer clinical trials accelerates the development and approval of better cancer treatments for all patients. Finally, having more good treatment options available will increase competition in the marketplace, and may help slow the growth of cancer drug costs, which have been increasing rapidly as of late. We think it can be a real win-win for everyone involved.