Cure-Hub’s goal is to empower cancer patients who need new treatment options.


The purpose of Cure-Hub.org is to help cancer patients find and join a clinical trial. The Cure-Hub mission is to provide cancer patients with new options and renewed hope, even when conventional therapies have failed. Participation in clinical trials accelerates the development of better cancer treatments for all patients. 


Recent developments in cancer research have led to an explosion of promising new cancer treatments. Many of these therapies are in clinical trials that are actively recruiting for eligible patients. However, finding the right clinical trial can be a challenging process for the patient.

How Cure-Hub Works

Cure-Hub’s Clinical Trial Finder is a tool that makes enrolling in a cancer clinical trial easier. Simple search options allow anyone to find clinical trials that may be helpful for themselves or loved ones. Straight-forward instructions help you go from interested, to enrolled. The Cure-Hub search algorithm learns from user experiences, helping to provide each patient with a personalized list of their clinical trial options.

The Cure-Hub Team

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