The Genetic Landscape of Cancer

Cancer is a genetic disease. Some cancers are inherited and other cancers arise from genetic mutations or viral infections that occur during your life. But every cancer is driven by a dysfunctional genetic operating system.

Tumor Gene Expression Data (Transcriptome)

The analyses from are based on the genetic profile of each cancer type. In order define these profiles, we are aggregating genetic data from the repository at NCBI GEO (National Center for Biotech Info – Gene Expression Omnibus). Specifically, we are aggregating expression data generated using the Affymetrix GPL570 microarray. This section contains the master files with all of the cancer types together. If you want to compare the genetic profiles of 2 different cancer types, this is the section for you.

Genetic Profile Explorer

The link below will open a program that allows you to explore and compare the gene expression profiles of the cancer types we have analyzed. This program includes the average gene expression profile for every cancer subset we have analyzed. For more info on how to use and interpret the data from this program, read our Guide to Using the Gene Expression Spider Plot. Note: This link works best when opened with Google Chrome.

Tumor Genetic Profile Explorer – All Tumor Types

Tumor Genetic Profile Explorer Screen Grab
Tumor Genetic Profile Explorer Screen Grab

Tumor Sample List

The link below will take you to a Google Sheet that lists all of the tumor samples included in the analysis. This list will be updated as the profiles for new tumor types are added.

Access the Tumor Sample List

Summarized Data Files

Would you like to do your own analysis of the gene expression profiles generated by Feel free to download the raw data (averaged at the tumor-type level) by following the link below.

Raw Data for Tumor-Type Gene Expression Averages

Have Questions?

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