Specific Types of Cancer


There are many types of cancer and they are all unique. This section is intended to provide in-depth analyses of specific cancers and their treatment options. That is an immense task so we are going to start with two of the most lethal classes of cancer: Hepatobiliary (bile duct, liver, pancreas) and Brain (glioblastoma).

The Genetic Landscape of Cancer

Cancer is a genetic disease. Some cancers are inherited and other cancers arise from genetic mutations or viral infections that occur during your life. But every cancer is driven by a dysfunctional genetic operating system.

The analyses from cure-hub.org are based on the genetic profile of each cancer type. In order define these profiles, we are aggregating genetic data from hundreds of studies and thousands of tumor samples. This section contains the master files, with all of the genetic profiles from different cancers in one place.

Cancer Types

Bile Duct

Brain (Glioblastoma)